For my BOS


This was posted by a Pagan group of mine on facebook.  I really like the blessing and so I know if I post it to my online Journal it will be here.

I have really come a long way in my healing by accepting who I am.  I was born a Witch and am proud of that bloodline.  To go back to Salem again, after all these years, I am really excited.  It has been so many years since I have been back to Massachusetts and New England.  Don’t think I will make it up to Maine where I went to school.  Had many happy times with the kids there.  I miss Ann Palmer Dolan as we had some great times.

Like most Catholics/Christians I don’t think she could accept me as a witch.  I know it hurts some very dear friends, but I can’t be a Christian or Catholic.  They caused me to much pain in this life.  I haven’t forgiven them yet.


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