I am moving forward with going back to the North Shore this Fall

my costume

My costume for the Witches Ball this Halloween.  The theme this year is being your your favorite tarot card from your favorite deck.  I am choosing my Witches deck, and the nine of cups ( the wish card).  My wish will be coming true of being back in the Boston area after all these years and putting flowers on the family graves in Lynn.  Salem will be my base.  Going back to the North Shore.

When I leave after my trip of facing my demons, I will be able to move to forward in life with no chains attached to me anymore.

I am not wearing the boots.  The dress, and cape are the costume and I am going to use that as a base to add to.


My card is the nine of cups on the top roll.

I chose that because not only is it the wish card, it remains me of my dad and the good times we had eating out in downtown Boston and eating Indian pudding for desert in the Fall.

So with the dress and cape for a base, I think I can put together a nice costume.

I am so excited about Halloween this year back in Boston.

The name of my costume is Little Red Riding Hood.

The last Halloween I spent in MA, it was a 50’s party so I got a pink satin skirt as the base to work with that year.

I really see the light at the end of the dark tunnel.


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    chrisy58 Says:

    Well it is getting late and I have physical therapy on the arm and neck tomorrow morning.

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