I agree with him



“Sadly, we are no longer a nation whose leaders view issues from the perspective of the common good of all America. Unfortunately, what drives governance today is a combination of money, as Carter points out, as well as blind commitment by members of Congress to walk the path of their political party regardless of the overall impact.”

I remember the first election I voted in at 18.  It was between Carter and Ford.  Of course coming from a long line of Republicans I did vote for Ford.  I say that, because back then both Parties, could be friends with people from the other Political Party and those two men who ran against each other in 76 became good friends.

Back then both these men put the common good of America first.  This is exactly why I believe Al Gore is the only Political Answer to the problems facing this nation.

As mad as I am at this Government for how Joe Kennedy II treated me that day in the barn in Marshfield, when I asked for help, and he answered ” IT IS NOT MY PROBLEM”, WITHOUT ASKING ONE QUESTION.  Not to give me a chance to defend myself and be so cold hearted to another human being.  The Daughter of the American Revolution in me, makes me fight against all enemies foregin or domestic.  Al Gore seems to be old school like Carter, Ford, Clinton, and Bush.  Obama has been a disgrace.

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