To Republicans

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I am posting this article as an example of the reality of Climate Change and the toll it is causing all life on earth.  Not just people, but plants, animals, oceans, rivers, lakes etc.  In the Salina Journal they had an article about having four cases of mosquito born diseases that have never been seen here before.

Your Party has become a joke.  It makes me sad, because I used to be a Republican.  Your Party is out of touch with reality.  Trump the frontrunner?  Palin mention again as a running mate?

Rand Paul you seem like you are intelligent.  Would you be willing to speak out about Climate Change and work for real solutions to this environmental disaster facing us in this century due to climate change?  Will you have the courage stand up to the crazy nuts in the Party who all believe this is one big hoax of the One World Order?

I don’t like the Democrats either.

My candidate is Al Gore, but he hasn’t picked up the torch again. Will he answer the call of the people who are asking that he consider running for President again.   This country is at a crossroads and as far as I can see he is the only one who has what it takes to bring us into the future where we can be passing on a better earth then what we inherited from our parents.  He is smart, has moral courage to speak the truth and to continue to fight, even when people make fun of him.  Moral strength is very important in a President.  He has intelligence and I believe be a Leader of honor that people could respect and have trust in again.  This country needs him.  I fear for the future if he doesn’t join the race.


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