Starting to feel human again


I seemed to have caught a bug going around here.  Yesterday I couldn’t even hold my head up, but this evening I can finally sit up and write on the computer.

Labor Day is coming up and it is a time of year that I start new projects.  I haven’t given up my dream to be a climate reality leader.  The more and more I am learning about climate change and the effects that we are beginning to see, makes me want to be part of the solution.

I have always wanted to be part of the solution.  I don’t understand how people could have misread me so wrong and think things about me as true that are not.  To not give me a chance to defend myself but to just pass on wrong information and closing their eyes to the truth of my true situation is morally wrong in my eyes.  Yes, I got angry as a kid.  Yes, at 14 I knew it was better to be British then American and I still dream of getting my British Passport and moving to the UK and being active in the Conservative Party.  Yet, a part of me as a Daughter of the American Revolution fights to save America from the destructive path she is on.  That is why I hope with every inch of my being that Al Gore who also has the bloodline to be a Son of the American Revolution, answers the call and will pick up the torch and run for President.  He is the one American Political Leader I would talk to at this point.  He is from TN, which is in the South, so I assume he understand Southern issues and Southern women who are seeking to do the right thing.

I am watching the Voters First Debate on c span.  It is the Republicans candidates.  Now my ex Senator from South Carolina is speaking Lindsey Graham speaking about foreign affairs.  I know a lot of Americans don’t watch the Road To The White House, but I do.  Have always believed one votes from a place of knowledge.  America has fallen to the place of where the people base their vote on a 30 second soundbite.

I hope I feel better tomorrow.


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