another version of Rule Britannia


I love the line of this beloved song, where it says that Britons shall never be slaves.

I am venting some of the toxic emotional poison I have inside me because of what Rep. Joe Kennedy II D from MA did to me…. I tend to think and act more British then American, so I tried and tried to talk to Joe in person so we can say what needs to be said between us in private, but he refuses to face me and tell me to my face what my crime towards humanity is, that justifies his treatment of me.  Is he an idiot?  Does he hate me because I am a Daughter of the British Empire and love the Queen and trust and support David Cameron the Prime Minister?

Joe is Irish Catholic and I know supported the IRA in his heart so it is possible that he refused to help me, a real damsel in distress because I am half British and love and honor my Queen.  I come from a line of English Courtiers.  William Buell came to America in the 1600s to CT because he was the youngest son of a Lord and in those days many of the younger sons came to the Colonies.  Like many families the father stayed loyal to the King and the son fought for the Rebels.  The IRA targeted Brits for years and we are talking about the 80’s after all.  So I can understand his hating me because I am part British.

I am crying today and trying to vent my feeling out.

I am sorry I have to vent them online, but Joe refuses to be a man and talk to me in person.  He would rather stay a spoiled little boy who will never be a true man or LEADER.  It is a good thing he is out of Government.  I wonder if the whole family is like Joe and doesn’t have the wisdom to be in POWER?

Joey reminds me to much of his dad, so I don’t think he will achieve much Politically.  He too, seems to have a lack of compassion toward people who are suffering at the hands of others.  He too would close his eyes and do nothing to help a true person in need of help.  He doesn’t value truth anymore then his father.  No, I think President Kennedy was the only Kennedy who has the wisdom.  I don’t even think Joey likes it. He looks miserable the one time I saw him on tv working.  Why is he there?  I wonder, because he doesn’t seem to have what it takes to be a true LEADER of THE PEOPLE.

I had hoped Joe’s brother Bobby was intelligent and I could have an intelligent conversation with him. I never met him in person, so I had hoped he was like Michael.  I loved and trusted Michael.  He proved to me that he was a man of truth and honor, who valued justice, when he defended me one time, when he knew I was telling the truth.  Sadly, Bobby is proving to me he is more like Joe then Michael.  He has not yet come to talk to me and it has been years that I have been waiting, so I have had to come to the conclusion that he too lacks moral courage to do the right thing in seeking the truth.  How does one find the truth, by  talking to all parties.  How can he make a judgment about me when he has never spoken to me and looked into my eyes.  I can prove I am telling the truth.  He is no different then his brother who would answer the question, of will you help me; with IT IS NOT MY PROBLEM; WITHOUT ASKING ONE QUESTION. I would have asked what kind a help do you need first before saying it isn’t my problem.  Joe isn’t a mind reader and has no heart.  he lacks all three.  Courage, heart, and wisdom.  What use is he?  I GUESS BOBBY TOO, DOESN’T HAVE INTELLECTUAL HONESTY.

Sorry I am venting.  As I said I have for years been trying to do this face to face.  I want to get healthy and if possible learn to love my American side again.  Right now, I want my British Passport and move to the UK, where I belong.


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