my thoughts for the night


I am worried about a friend, but have to face the fact that she is in charge of her life as I am in charge of my life.  The wine is killing her.  I am not one to judge but I am worried about her.

I hope she will be ok.

I know one thing I am moving forward with my healing.  I have been working through the toxic feelings and emotions today and releasing them, as I was taught in therapy in Phoenix.  I learned alot and am still working through with what I learned.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This time of year I look forward to Fall and planning for the next year.

I will overcome and make it through this difficult time of struggle.  There is a future for me if I am willing to do the tough work that needs to be done in healing myself.  Life already is much better, since I have accepted who I truly am and not having to try and live a life I am not.  I never really was a true Christian, but a natural born witch.  It is in my bloodline.  I am happy knowing I can be the witch I was born to be and look forward to learning and moving forward in the craft.

Sweet dreams everyone.


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