Moving Forward


I have been blessed since I accepted who I was born to be.  I was born a witch.  I am not a christian and it is ok.  I don’t have to be a christian.  Christians may think their God and bible says to burn witches, and hate me, but my Goddess and God love me and protect me.  They think I am worthy to live and not have to be killed.

I am getting rid of the toxic energy and replacing it with healthy loving energy.  Release is very important to the healing of my mind and spirit.

Happy Days is starting.  Great show.  Ron Howard is a great man and very talented.  when I worked in Hilton Head, he had a place at the place I was a security guard at.  I saw him going out one time.  Nice place.  The people were very nice there and if I were to live in Hilton Head, that is where I would live on Turtle Lane in the Sea Pines area.

Each day I move further along on the road to recovery.


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