Dick Wolf on Law & Order, Surveillance and His New Book The Ultimatum


Fans of the Law & Order family will find plenty to love in creator and producer Dick Wolf’s latest novel: The Ultimatum. The third book in his Jeremy Fisk series has that same blend of criminal intrigue and New York bureaucracy that has delighted his TV audiences for decades. This time around, the plot is packed with surveillance, security leaks and lots and lots of drones. We caught up with Wolf to talk about the new book, Edward Snowden, Homeland and Mariska Hargitay’s icon status.

TIME: How does working on novels compare to working on television shows?

Wolf: Alone time versus collaborative time. I don’t consider myself a novelist as much as a thriller writer. When people say they like the books, I’m thrilled, but nothing’s really changed [from the TV shows]—if you look at the structure of the books they’re a teaser in four acts. When my now-28-year-old…

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