Bernie Sanders Hits a Triumphant Note As His Crowds Grow

He still is not letting me know who he truly is. Is he Independent or is he Democrat? He is running for the Democrat Candidate so even if he still is Independent, he has join the Democrats in his heart. Plus add he is another Yankee from New England. After my experience with Massachusetts Democrats in the 80’s, I know I can’t trust either.


Bernie Sanders, tan and slightly hoarse after six weeks of campaigning for president, began a stump speech on Monday night with a humble brag of epic proportions. “Sometimes, media people ask me, ‘Well, Bernie, why are so many people coming out to your events?’” Sanders said to a crowd of 7,500 people in Portland, Maine.

“Well the answer is, I think, pretty obvious,” Sanders continued, flashing a grin to cheers before getting stern again. “From Maine to California—we have friends in Alaska and Hawaii as well—the American people understand that establishment politics and establishment economics is not working for the middle class!”

The audiences are growing, he says, mostly because things in America are so bad. It’s a note of encouragement in the midst of Sanders’ famously jaundiced speeches, a nod to the tide of hope and discontent that his campaign is riding. “All over America, people are becoming involved…

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