6 Futuristic Retail Displays That Will Change Your Idea of ‘E-Commerce’


Pity the brick-and-mortar shopkeeper, barely eking out a living while the Goliaths of online commerce gobble up their sales — or so one might think from the parade of gloomy headlines that read like epitaphs for the industry as a whole: “A ‘tsunami’ of store closings” struck last year, CNBC reported, followed by a “year of reckoning for brick and mortar retailers,” according to Forbes. “Shoppers are fleeing physical stores,” wrote the Wall Street Journal. One Forbes columnist cut to the chase: “Change or die.”

The changes are already coming, however, and not from the Amazon’s and Zappos’s of the world. Brick-and-mortar stores themselves have blurred the line between on and offline shopping, deploying technologies that mix and match the best experiences from both worlds.

The death of the physical store has been greatly exaggerated. In fact, physical retailers still control upwards of 97% of the retail market,

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