Happy 4th of July

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Am getting ready to leave.  My friend is texting me have I left yet.  My plan is to leave at 5 am.

Work before play and this online journal is like work to me, because I am passionate about Politics and Word Events.

What are my feelings for the United States of America?

Still sorting them out.  Have anger because of how I was treated by both Democrats and Republicans.  Don’t trust authority, as authority abused me.  Have anger toward the christian church because of them murdering Witches and Jews who refused to convert to the Catholic faith.

The government of today is corrupt and the PEOPLE have been shut out, so our voice is not even heard.  They ignore us and turn their backs so they don’t have to see our suffering.  They live in their ivory tower of denial of the truth, so they can live their life built on a lie and the foundation of sand.  I feel sorry for them in a way, as they lack courage to live by moral courage and principle.  For all my faults and misdeeds in life, at least I have courage to do what I feel I must do for the betterment of mankind.

Let me talk a little about the future.  We can’t change the pass but we can move forward to correct the mistakes made.  Can two sides that are opposed to each other come together for the good of the nation and talk?  Can a Yankee and a Rebel put aside their WAR long enough to fight against all enemies of this nation, both foreign and domestic?

So far I am not impressed with the CANDIDATES who are running for PRESIDENT.

Jeb Bush:  Don’t think the people in this country are going to vote for Bush III.  To soon.

Bernie Sanders:  What are you?  Some say you are Independent and some say you are Democrat.  You seem like a carpet bagger.  Yankee from New England.

Hilary Clinton:  Best of the lot so far, but I don’t think the country is going to vote for another Clinton at this time.  Like Bush to soon.  Her daughter might be the first woman President in a few years if she decides to enter Politics like her parents.

I know Al Gore has said he will not run, but this country needs him.  He is the only person who is active and puts their actions into words.  He has solutions.  He has a plan.

I hope and wish that he would consider joining the Green  Party and running for our Candidate and be part of the debates.  He would and could be the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE.  WE NEED TO HAVE A POWERFUL PERSON SPEAK FOR US, AND STAND UP TO THE KOCH BROTHERS AND OTHER CORPORATIONS WHO HAVE HIJACKED OUR GOVERNMENT.

I know he will never see this online journal of mine, but these are my thoughts this 4th of July weekend.

I am not playing President Kennedy this year.  His children never tried to destroy my life, so my love for him as a hero and the first President I remember is in tack.  I can’t say the same for his brothers.  I don’t respect the Kennedy’s and until I see some moral courage and me being told to my face why Joe II hate me so much that he refused me help  when I was being abused over him and his family.  He has questions he needs to answer.  He made a political blunder when he didn’t talk to me about Southern Issues.

You see because I am Political I tend to think and talk Politics with all different kinds of people.  One would think one could have an intelligent conversation with a Kennedy, but I was wrong.  Oh well.  We reap what we sow, so because Joe II sowed what he sowed in my life, I no longer respect the Kennedy Family and think they are scum.

Boston Pops was part of 4th of July so I am playing this video.  Love and Blessings to all.

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