Vet denied service because of his service dog.,,20934122,00.html

This is a disgrace that in the United States of America a Vet is denied service because  he has a service dog.  This vet risked their life for this nation and flag, and he has PTSD and is treated like crap now.

This country really sucks.

We have a government of a two party system, Dems and Republicans, who both have been corrupted by the money and power of the Corporations.  It is Corporations who get to meet and talk to our Government Leaders and not the PEOPLE.  There are valid reasons why there are Americans like me who will not vote for either POLITICAL PARTY,  because of that corruption and rot found in both PARTIES.  WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO REALIZE THAT BOTH PARTIES ARE JUST DIFFERENT SIDES OF THE SAME COIN.

YES, this 4th of July all the Political Leaders will talk about how they value our vets and their service, but like everything else they do, it is only WORDS.  THEY DON’T MEAN THEM FROM THE HEART.  IF THEY DID THEIR ACTIONS WOULD BE THE WORDS THEY SPEAK.  NO, THEY JUST TALK THE TALK BUT DON’T WALK THE WALK.

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