Need to vent some feelings


I have not made any statements about the court ruling yesterday, but after reading this article I feel I must speak out.

Who are you Christians that you can judge everyone?  Christians put my life through hell because I was a witch.  Rebellion is the sin of witchcraft so I am a witch and we burn witches.  I have emotional scares because of how I was treated.  There are many people who have known abuse at the hands of Catholics/Christians and to this day we can’t stand the hate spewed out of your mouth.

Your Faith tortured people in the name of your God.

Read the History.

I don’t hate Christians, but I just wish they would admit that they are guilty of crimes.

Wicca is much more a faith of the 21st century.  While Christians think I should be murdered for being a witch and other things, Wicca teachings me to love and respect the planet, myself and others.  That I do have rights and that God is not going to strike me dead for not being a Christian.

Is it the end of the world that Gay people marry?  Is it the end of the world that their are witches in it?


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