To White Nationalists


I am posting this, so that if White Nationalists would like to comment then they can.  One learns by listening to all sides of a story with an open mind.  We should never be afraid to hear the other side speak their truth.  Knowledge is power and one does not attain knowledge without listening to all view points.

As Stormfront has rules, I ask that we be civil in our discussion about the issues.


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    chrisy58 Says:

    Ban the confederate Flag?

    This is the link to comments David Duke made about what is going on with people attempting to ban anything representing the “South”.

    Like most ideas he speaks of, I agree but disagree with most of his comments. I agree that it is wrong to try and ban our Southern Flag that represents those of us who have ancestors who fought under that flag and had their blood spilled over that flag.

    I disagree about the Jewish People being the cause of everything wrong and evil in this world.

    If they ban the Confederate Flag, then to me they need to replace the United States Flag as that is the flag of the North. To the people in the South, who suffered under Yankee hands,the stars and stripes is also a flag of hate and torture. If there is to be true healing in this country then we need a flag that both sides can rally behind. I personally can’t rally behind the flag of the Union who wants to destroy every trace of my Southern Ancestors.

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