Martin O’Malley’s Foreign Policy Vision: It’s the Economy


In a speech Friday morning that Martin O’Malley’s presidential campaign billed as “his most comprehensive remarks to date on U.S. foreign policy,” the former governor instead turned toward an area where he has more experience: the economy.

“Ultimately, the source of America’s global strength is our own prosperity at home,” O’Malley said. “No fighter jet or troop battalion will keep us as safe as a vibrant economy, a strong democracy, and a growing middle class.”

“Only with a stronger and more inclusive economy can we maintain our security,” he continued.

For a candidate with little direct experience in foreign policy, O’Malley’s remarks Friday were a moderate foray into national security issues in a Democratic primary that has largely been defined by economic questions. Unlike Hillary Clinton, the globetrotting former secretary of state, and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who can point to his vote in opposition of the Iraq war and…

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