When will the South be able to tell our side?



It is up to the people whose ancestors died for that flag to decide its future.  To many of us who have a bloodline to the old South, there are still wounds that need to be healed from that WAR.  The North did some terrible things to the Southern People that need to be talked about, before there can ever be a true union between this rebel and Yankees.

For the record, I feel like my Scottish ancestors felt in Scotland when the King of England banned the Pipes and Tartan.  We wore it anyway and close to our heart.  The United States Government, under Obama can ban the Confederate Flag of the Southern People who have very good reason for wanting to break away from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.  The WAR wasn’t about slavery but about federal rights vs state rights.

The confederate flag of my Old Virginia ancestors did not kill those people.  It was a young man.


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