The Universe is full of blessings


It is amazing how the Lord of the Universe works.  For some he is the God of the Christian Bible, but to me my God is the Green Man and the earth.  I know I am going to hell, but I accept that now.  I am not a christian, and I don’t think I ever was one.  I am a Green Witch.  Wicca has always been my true path.  The Horned God of Wicca is not evil.

All my life I fought between my being born a natural witch and trying to be this good Catholic/Christian girl I was supposed to be.  Back and forth I went like a ship tossed at sea.

That is over with now.  I know that I have chosen the one over the other so my life will change now for the better.  I am open to what the future and my new life brings me, free from the chains of the Christian god.


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