What is wrong with these people?



They are destroying History and one of the great wonders of the ancient world.  These men are animals and not human beings.

To the WN who might read this, how do you feel about this?

Do you support them?

They too hate Israel and the Jews, so are you willing to work with them?  Even though they have no respect for women/girls and sell them for sex slaves.

I remember all the talk about how WN protect women.  Yes, it is true.  I needed a friend and WN and the Southern Men I met through SF were there for me and were perfect gentlemen.  They respected women.

this song reminds me of old friend.  Rick, there is nothing wrong with being a simple kind of man and proud of your Southern Roots.  You are a good man.  I miss talking to this person, as he was very intelligent to talk to and knows a lot.  Will never forget his kindness.  I know the friendship is over, but I will defend and fight anyone who would want to threaten him because of his political views.  there are friends in our lives who we love but who we disagree with, but we know that in order for us to be totally free we must allow everyone the same freedom of speech and thought.  These men and women I met through Stormfront never talked about doing violence.  They believed in the freedom of the press and being able to write and speak their minds. To the outside Rick and the others are evil men, but I don’t see them in the same light or mold as the WN from VNN and other groups.  Stormfront is different and should not be lumped together with VNN.

My wish is that we can heal as a nation and a world.  The hate and division must end.  We must find a way to find common ground, so that we can work together as one nation to solve the many problems facing us.  We cann’t continue on the way we have been.

Obama and the Progressives are just as guilty of the failure as the Republicans and Christian Right.  Instead of accepting the failure because we have forgotten how to be true statesman and women and don’t know how to come together to rule so that everything gets done that has to be done, so that Americans have the best quality of life from birth to death; we need to stand up and say I am going to listen, talk, and seek a healing to the deep wounds that are dividing us as a nation.

So is your hate for Israel and the Jews and wanting to see them destroyed more important then the future of your wives and daughters when they fall into the hands of these animals?

You can ask me the same question in reverse, and I will gladly reflect on the answer.  Do I only want to see the worst in Muslims because I found out I am 1% Jewish in the DNA test I took?  To the Jew I am not a Jew, but to a WN, my one drop makes me a Jew.  I would have been sent to the camps.  Do I turn the blind eye to Israel because I think of myself as a Jew now?  I don’t.  I am Wiccan.  I am Pagan.

I believe in honest discussion. Garfield can tell you that after we got off to a rough start, we both came to the place where we enjoyed talking to each other about the issues because I do have an open mind and want to talk about all sides of the issues and learn and gain as much knowledge as I can.


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