Made a discovery tonight


That this Political gal needs a Political guy.  Someone who doesn’t understand Politics or interested in gaining political power is not going to be someone I can develop any kind of real relationship with, besides friends.  I just haven’t met the right guy for me yet, so I need to stay single.

Had thought there might be a chance with the guy upstairs, but he is not political for one and doesn’t want to hear about politics.  Do you know how hard that is going to be for me to not talk about current world events.  It is hard for me to communicate with him.

I am slowly working my way through the ptsd.  I am getter better each passing day as I continue to use my online journal to release the toxic poison from my system.  It is through release that I find inner healing.

This guy is also a born again Christian as I was told tonight.  Before he had said he was wiccan, so I am a little confused.  I think he might have a Wiccan side like I do, but that he is forced to deny that side because he wants to stay true to Jesus.  It is ok, I wish him well, and we won’t be talking about spiritual path anymore.  My ex was a Christian Identity Pastor and because of how Christians have treated witches over the centuries and myself included, I just don’t think I would mate with a Christian.  I am hoping for a fellow witch or at least someone who I can at least talk to about my spiritual path.  We don’t have to be on the same path, but I want to hear about his path too.

Still in the mood for Country.  My sister and I saw Tim McGraw in Phoenix.  He is great.

Love this song.


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