I need a new battery on this computer

I need to take back this computer again, as now the battery is going out.

For the record, calling White people cracker is the same as calling a Black person the N word with an r at the end of it too,.

Do you Progressive/Yankee types want a true discussion with the hopes of reaching a place of we joining forces to work for the common goal of bringing into power a Government that works for all of us.  That will bring us together with the hopes of healing the deep wounds in this nation.

To think that using the name cracker to refer to White people is acceptable is not living in the real world.  If the N word can not be used for Blacks then Cracker is not an acceptable term to refer to White people.

I am not going back to White Nationalism, but I am not going to allow myself or my race to be attacked either.  All human beings should be respected and treated with dignity.

I want a better world and not a world where RACISM is accepted as long as the people the hate is being shown is White people or Jews.


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