A little Celtic Music


These words really spoke to me this morning.  Someday I will make it to the Scottish Games at Grandfather Mountain NC.  They are supposed to be the best.  One camps out there and has fun and fellowship.  We Celts like to party, lol.

I wish Yankee’s would shut up about banning the flag.  Until the North is ready to have an honest talk with people of the South, and admit their mistakes the wounds will never heal completely.  Mistakes were made on both sides.  The North didn’t have to burn the South down after they had already won the WAR.  They wanted to destroy the South and punish them and make an example of them.

That flag is an memorial to the Confederate Soldiers who were fighting for State Rights over Federal Rights.  I have been there.  Confederate Graves are destroyed by Progressives and others who don’t understand that the Confederate Flag is not a racist symbol.

The Confederate flag is not EVIL, it is part of our NATION’S HISTORY.  Will we have the courage to do what must be done so as to bring the country together and work toward the common goal of bringing into power a government that works?  That all our lives will improve?

With all my heart I hope we can put the past behind us and both sides forgive each other for the past mistakes and move forward to solve the problems together as one nation.  Yet, I don’t hold my breath.  I don’t believe the words  that Yankees say anymore.  They didn’t want to talk to me and know the truth and then do the right thing and stand up for me.  I learned the hard way you can’t really trust an Yankee.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson didn’t speak for many years because even back then there was a disagreement between  North and South.  The North wanted a stronger federal government. Read the Federalist Papers.  The South, wanted the State to have more power over federal.  We still are having that debate today.

We must not be afraid to seek a way to find common ground between Yankees and Rebels.  I know I am still working on it, but I have not solved that puzzle yet.  Not giving up hope.

This was the theme of our Fall Prom at St Francis in Maine.

hope everyone is having a nice weekend.


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