Why I got so upset yesterday


Yesterday, when I saw the death threat toward Don Black I got upset, because he is in now way involved with this shooting in  SC.  One can respect someone they disagree and fight with regarding political views.  Tip O’Neil and Ronald Reagan, they were Irish buddies who once the work day was over would laugh and drink together.  Plus we are both Revolutionary’s and not criminals.  There is a difference.

Yes, we disagree with what our Government does, and we both know that it is corrupted.  Our difference is on who is behind the corruption.  Men and women of honor can disagree on issues, but when the other is unfairly attacked we stand by and defend each other.  I am always going to stand by and defend Don Black and his family when they are being threaten unfairly.  It is called respect.  I respect him and his son.

It doesn’t mean that I am going back to White Nationalism.  It just means that that I still have feeling in my heart for people I came to be friends with.  When someone enters my heart as a friend it is for life.  The same friendship I felt for Mr Yankee, I feel for the Black Family.  We are not friends anymore, but some of the feelings are still there and when it comes to someone making death threats toward them, I am going to fight along side them to protect them.  They were there for me when I needed a friend.  Stormfront was like my family.  Don Black is a good man.

I know everything will be twisted, but I don’t see how it is wrong to stand up to those who would want to kill an innocent man who has nothing to do with the shooting, just because you don’t like his Political Views?

You Progressives like to make rash judgements without talking to the people involved as to get the truth before you make your final judgement against someone.  Once you make your mind up about something, there is no changing it, even if you are wrong.  You talk about love, but yet you condone violence being used on Don Black and his family.

To some Americans like myself who have a family line that goes back to the Mayflower and Old Virginia, the Confederate flag is a flag of our History.  It is not a racist symbol.  There were valid reasons why the South felt they needed to break away from the North.  It was not a WAR about slavery.  It was about Federal Rights vs State Rights.

I hate the fact that you have turned our History into something evil.

The North had won the WAR, yet, they chose to burn the South.  Let us be honest and start talking about the differences between the North and South so that we can find a way to heal this inner wound to our nation.

I know I am not explaining this right.

Many Daughters of the American Revolution or also Daughters of the Confederacy.  Do you know how many Confederate grave headstones are destroyed by Liberals and Progressives.

The South didn’t have to be burned and should have been treated with honor and compassion.  The North wanted the South to suffer.  They wanted to beat the South into the ground.

Let us just say that I think the South is better if those of us who live in the South and that is our bloodline, can handle our own problems.  The Yankees have made things worst.  I think that is why I will still defend my Southern friends in a fight, when I think they are being attacked unfairly.

They protected me, gave me shelter, and fed me.  They were perfect gentlemen.

Because of how I was treated by a so called yankee friend I don’t really trust Northerners’ very much.  I don’t respect him or his family anymore.  It is a love/hate relationship with myself.  As I am also Yankee and go back to the Mayflower and loved New England when my dad was alive.  It was my safe place.  But that all changed in Marshfield.

I am just getting out my feelings on my journal like I did with the sexual abuse.  Yes, I am opening myself for enemies to copy and paste my words out of context and lie about me.  That is a chance I am taking, but I need to get the poison waste out of my system.  That is what I am doing.

Plus I am hoping that by being so honest that the truth will come out about me and finally the right thing will be done and Cinderella will be rescued by her Prince.  LOL.

If I am loyal to one friend when they are being unfairly attacked, then I am going to do the same thing for my Southern friends who gave me protection, shelter, and food when they are being threatened with a death threat.

In the mood for some Beach Boys.

to my old friend in MA, we all make mistakes.  Please talk to me.  Thank you.


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