To Librals and Progressives


This really upset me when I saw this death threat directed toward the father of a young man I really enjoyed talking to.  This is very wrong, for you Liberals and Progressives to take your anger of the murder in SC out on this man.

I am posting the link and not the posts.

Some guy posted a death threat to Don Black on Stormfront over the church shootings.  I condemn this.  Having met Don Black  in person at both the 2004 and 2005 Euro and spending time with his son, I must speak out against this act of hate directed toward another human being.

Why is Don Black responsible for what happen in SC?  He wasn’t there.  He didn’t know the shooter or tell the shooter to murder those people in cold blood.  Don Black is not a criminal.  He is a Revolutionary.  There are some people who have vision, passion, and courage to stand up and fight for what they believe in.  I may not agree with Don Black on certain issues, but I will condemn anyone who threatens him or his family with violence.

You Liberals you threaten people, what makes you different then the shooter, when you condone violence upon someone because you don’t like their POLITICAL VIEWS?

You can be the biggest hypocrits on the planet, as you threaten people and then say you have nothing but love for people.

Don Black being a man who is not afraid of truth, said it best when he said, ”  Always amusing to hear from the love and brotherhood crowd.”

Yes, it is that same crowd of people who have physically threaten children of White Nationalists, whose only crime was being born to a WN parent.  I know for a fact that violence has been used by your side on women and children.

Yes, you Liberals and Democrats are good at going off with half truths and lies and refuse to see the wrong doing of your own actions.

At least I am fair and stand up for people who I feel are being treated wrongly.

I know you Progressives will applaud the death threats toward Don Black.

I on the other hand condemn them and will speak  up about the injustice of making violent threats toward a man for something he has no part of.


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