Can the wounds between North and South ever be healed?


Since the shooting, I have had to come face to face with my feelings.  I have always been proud of my bloodline of going back to Old Virgina, as well as the Mayflower.  There are woman in DAR who are also Daughters of the Confederacy.  Each year graves of Confederate Soldiers have been vandalized.  The North didn’t have to burn the South the way she did.  Yes, there are some feelings still inside people of anger for how the South was treated.

Being angry is a natural emotion.  We are all going to feel angry.  We all have light and dark inside of us.  It is our choices that makes us who we are.  The answer lies in being brave enough to come face to face with your enemy or the person you disagree with and clear the air.

If this nation is going to survive then the old wounds between Yankees and Rebels has got to heal.

Both sides know there is a problem.  The answer becomes are both sides willing to seek a way to understand each other with the intent of working toward the common goal of restoring public trust in the Government?


One of the things I will be working out now that I have a computer again is learning to love and trust my Yankee side.  The Buell’s were connected to the Grants.  Like many Americans I am both Mayflower and Old Virgina like Robert E Lee, who is one of my heroes.

Even though there is a family connection I relate more to Lee, as he had to make a choice between his President and Virginia.  He chose Virginia.  He chose honor.

One can not love and also hate themselves at the same time.  It is not healthy.

I read an article that one of the Pastors that was shot said we must always show love.  I agree with that and that is what I have always tried and will continue to do.  There are many good people in the South.  We are not all stupid.  When I worked in South Carolina Yankees would come down and look down upon us.  Thinking they were better then us.  That we needed to be punished for something that happen before we were even born.

The truth is always on both sides.  Do we has a nation have the strength and courage to look at the deep wounds that divide the North and South?  I hope so, and will work toward that goal with any American who with a pure heart and a desire for the truth and the courage to stand up and do the right thing for the people, then I will support you 100%



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