long night


The pain is bad tonight.  Plus add how I can’t breathe.  No real improvement.

Yes, I am very disappointed in Bernie Sanders.  I just feel it is a sign of being dishonest to act like you are an Independent when you are running for the Democrat Candidate.

I was hoping he was a real candidate for the Independent Party.  I know he thinks he can have it all. Be someone that Independents will vote for even though he is now a Democrat, and getting all the Democrats votes.  To those of us who feel betrayed by both the Democrats and Republicans, he has chosen the Corporate Party System over the people.

Donald Trump is also running.  I don’t plan on voting for him either.

I hope there will be some pain relief as this is getting really old.

I am going to read a little to see if that will help me fall a sleep.  Or it will be a coast to coast am night.


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