I am bored


Love the boat, as it looks like it goes fast and would be fun to ride in.


This is not the boat in the article, but this boat looks fast too.

I am very disappointed in the fact that Bernie Sanders decided to run as a Democrat and not an Independent.

More is coming out about that young lad who murdered 9 people in SC. Looking at the picture he doesn’t look like he is a very happy person.  From what they are saying it was because they were Black so therefore he must be a White Nationalist.

The White Nationalists I knew in person always warned me to stay away from people like that who were crazy.  From the picture this guy looks crazy, and not someone who would have been accepted but someone to stay away from.

There are many different kinds of White Nationalists.  That is why we were warned to stay away from certain elements.

What a waste.  Because there are 10 lives that have been destroyed.  The 9 he murdered and himself, because when he was born his parents must have wished for him a much different future then this.  They had hopes and dreams for their son and now to know that their son did this evil deed must be heart breaking for them.

I wonder if he even knows reality.  Is his mind so far gone that he has lost all compassion for humanity?  Committing murder is not going to help the White Nationalist cause.  John Tyndale who was a founder of the BNP Party in the UK said at 2004 Euro that if you are not seeking Political Power to bring your vision into reality you are wasting your time.  That you start at the local level and then work yourself into holding the power of the Government.  The people I knew and worked with were seeking Political Power and not murdering people.

I know people can twist what I am saying.  That has happen my whole life of comments being taken out of context and twisted to make me look bad.

This young man was not a Revolutionary who was fighting for Political Change through peaceful means, but someone who murdered innocent people in a church.  We were Revolutionaries and not criminals like this young lad.

I don’t know if he was a White Nationalist, but I do know that people I knew would have had nothing to do with him.


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