We went right from Winter into Summer.  It is hot today..  At least 90 degrees.  Glad the pool is open for the kids.

I guess Bernie Sanders is now a Democrat, but he didn’t announce it.  Yet on his web site he says he is running for the Democrat candidate.  Very shady to act like you are an Independent but to actually be a Democrat.  This is an example of what is wrong with the Political Leaders in this country.  They say one thing while do another, or they keep quiet about certain aspects so that they can play the fence and not worry about offending people.

I know what he is thinking.  He will get the Democrat support as he would be their candidate but at the same time tell people he is Independent and will be able to stand up for the people.  How can he stand up for the people if he is a Democrat now?  He is part of the corruption problem.  If he had stayed an Independent and ran as the Independent Candidate I would have had more respect for him and would have voted for him.  Now he lost that vote.  I know I am only one person, and my vote doesn’t count for anything, but this is one person who will not vote for him.

At least Clinton doesn’t pretend to be an Independent when they are really a Democrat.

Besides I think we need someone with experience not in Congress but in the executive branch of Government.  The worst Presidents are ones who don’t have the experience in running a state.

I had thought Mr. Sanders was a man of honor and character.  To me pretending to be Independent while running for the Democrat Candidate is not honest.  It is dishonest.  Hope it was worth it in the end to become a Democrat.


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