Tuesday Morning


Today is a new day.  Am all caught up in playing a new facebook game.  It feeds my Gothic side, lol.  Somewhere out there is a male witch who is looking to spend time with this lady witch.  As Christians have fellowship, we Pagans need to have fellowship too, and join together so we can do rituals as needed.

Reading on Radar online site, I feel bad for the Duggar girls.  People are jumping and being mean and saying nasty things about the girls.  Please remember that they are victims.  They were born to the parents they were born into and were taught those Christian lies that girls/woman have no rights, but the rights their father/husband give them.  Jeff believed that it was the father who chose the husband for his daughter and not Becky.  As girls from an early age you are taught to never say no but to obey and stay sweet.

You are isolated and the only message you hear is the message they tell you over and over and over again.  They tell you that if you repeat something over and over and over again, that it becomes truth.  The lies are more powerful then the truth and the truth gets lost.

They are both married now and have families of their own.

I hope that now that they are away from mom and dad, that they can slowly open their mind to all the things that were denied them because of their parents CI/WN beliefs.

I know that they will never see this journal entry, but I just want to let them know that a better day is ahead for them.  I know things seem bleak and cold for you now, but the sun will come out and as you open your mind to new ideas and let your Christian Right Wing views go, your life will offer you new beginnings.

Since I left in 2006 I have come a long way in my healing.

If you find out that you are not a true Christian in your heart, but that you are like a parrot talking back of what you have been taught by your master, it is ok.  Do you really want to be part of a Religion that has such little regard for girls/women?

I don’t.  I am still erasing the toxic tapes that still want to play in my mind.  Out with the old and in with the new.  There is a better life out there, if one only has the courage to take that first step in seeking outside help.  This is the 21st Century and not the 19th where women had no legal rights at all.

When I was a Christian he was someone whose music brought me comfort and wisdom.  I hope this song will help you find your place in this world.  I hope you will find happiness and can find your own spiritual path away from your parents.

This is a song about the Green Man who is the God who I serve now.

I know you have been taught that my God is the devil.  Wicca doesn’t believe in the devil.  We are an earth based religion.

I just hope you will be able to put the past behind you and move forward and be happy with your own husbands and children.


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