It is going to be a long night


This is a picture of my God the Horn God/Green Man.

My sinus’s are not doing so great so it might be one of those having to sit up all night, just to breath.  Humana didn’t approve my MRI, so once again we are at a standstill and nothing will be done that leads to real treatment of the problem.

My friends in Phoenix are having to deal with the heat.    We are muggy here.

This takes me back to my teen years in the Bay Area.  We would go and see him play and dance to his music.  Just needed to hear this song.

Things will get better. I am sorry if people don’t understand that I don’t like to dwell on my problems.  At night I like to relax and not have to think about fighting insurance companies or anything else that is negative.  That is why I like Wicca and Witchcraft as it is positive and telling you that you can change things for the better in your world.  I don’t have to suffer anymore.  No more bearing some cross for Christ or the church.


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