The Green Man


This is a picture of the Green Man.  This part of my healing is accepting the spiritual path I have chosen and to put Christianity behind me.  No more back and forth,

I was so battered after leaving Jeff, that it took me a long time to heal from that.  Tonight getting rid of the left over toxic feelings was another step forward in erasing all the toxic lies he brainwashed me to believe about myself and women in general.  How can people say Jesus loves you when he allows you to continue to endure the abuse.  When the lies that are told and written about you are stronger then the truth.  To finally realize that truth is dead in our Government and Political Leaders.

It is the Green Man who I feel has compassion  and actually cares.  Wicca is an earth based religion so no more guilt for wanting to join and support the Green Party.

Some will see this as Christian bashing.  I am getting the toxic poison out of my system.  I have unresolved feelings, so writing it on my online journal gets the toxic emotions and energy out in a safe place.


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