Monday Afternoon


I am so excited to have a computer where I can add to pictures to my journal.

I finished the working I did last night of writing my magickal name on the candle and symbols of areas I wanted out of my life, such as anger, pain, hurt, and fear.  All those toxic emotions that keep me from becoming the person I know I can be and want to be.  I am not a failure.  Just a late bloomer, lol.

Now when the waxing moon comes, I can fill my life with the qualities I want to develop more of, such as love, bravery, kindness, knowledge and honor.

I may look like a big failure and looser to the world.  The lies more powerful then the truth.  Yet, as long as I continue to strive toward doing what I believe I must as a Daughter of the American Revolution and Mayflower; then I will never be a failure.  I didn’t give up.  I continued to do my duty in getting the truth to the people who need to hear it.

I wish to send healing thoughts to a Pagan friend in Phoenix, from Epic days, who is in the hospital today.  May
Stevie Nicks make you taking being in the hospital, better, lol.  I can’t stand hospitals either, but listening to music would help me get through it.


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