Love the picture.

I am planning a trip back to Boston as I need to go  home and put flowers on the family graves in Lynn.  Plus I want to go to Salem and hopefully meet up with some other Witches in the area, as I really want to find the right person to take my year and a day class with.  In Phoenix I wasn’t ready, but it was because of my good Pagan friends in AZ that I was able to embrace and accept the person I truly am and not feel guilt because I can’t be a good Christian who can be a good little robot and accept my fate as a woman in their society.

I have always dreamed of going to the Witches Ball in Boston and my good friend T wants to go too.  Am trying to talk C into going too as it would be so much fun.  Still have a lot of work to go through before then.  I have been thinking of what I am going to wear for a year now.  I want to go as a Celtic Muse.  Just a thought as I also am thinking of more darker side too.  Who knows maybe my Goth side, lol.  I love Samhain and always have.  It is the time where you can shape shift and be anyone or anything you want to be.  It will be a fun trip.

Off to the store.

Happy flag Day.  Today my Daughter of the American Revolution comes out.

One can love to nations and flags.  I still have the flag that was given to me at Uncle Jack’s memorial service folded as it was given to me.  So many good men and women have died fighting for that flag.

Now, I have mixed emotions about that flag.  I will work out my feelings someday..


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