Saturday Night


The Smokey River Festival is this weekend but I am not going.  Facing health issues right now as well as my neighbors who are facing their issues, so none of us wanted to go this weekend.  Typical mess up with the MRI yesterday, so now I hope it goes through on the 17th of June.  It is sad that in America we have sub standard health care.    We went from one of the best to one that is getting worst each passing year.

I am enjoying and learning so much from the Encyclopedia of Witchcraft by Judika Illes.  I am half way through and am also reading Green Witchcraft book.

Reading the History, I realize that Christianity is a religion of violence.  It was you convert or die.

I do have a lot of pent up anger and energy toward Christians because of how I was treated by some in their Religion who worship the Bible as the Dictated Word of God and believe they must murder witches and homosexuals in the name of their God.  After all the Bible says so.

I wonder when Wiccans will ever know the same rights to practice our faith as Christians and Muslims?


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