Letting go of things that need to be let go for the New Moon


This is the time of the month where we let the toxic go.  I am still very simple and light my candle and say a few words words as I light it.

I have come a long way and I still have a long way to go.

It is by letting go of the old that I have allowed the new and good come into my life.

I have so much to learn.  I do have my craft name.  I just haven’t shared it with anyone except my deity the Green Man.  From what I understand, one usually only shares it with those who also follow the craft.

it is funny, but my concept of God is not like a Christian God.  I don’t picture Jesus but the Green man or the horned God.  When I worked as a pharmacy tech in the mail order in AZ, I had a Green Man hanging over my desk.  He is my protector and one who is trying to bring help and aide, so that I can move forward and do the right thing.  My heart has always been in the right place.  I just got tired of the silence.  That is all I got from Jesus and Christians.

Maybe someday I will erase the tapes that were taught me by the Christian Right Wing in this country, that I have no rights but that I must obey and stay sweet at all times.  That the man has absolute power over the woman.  That because I can’t believe in that twisted belief I am a witch and must be burned at the stake?

Ok, I accept my fate for rejecting you and your message is hell fire.  I am tired of being the victim and believing that Jesus cares one ounce about me.  That is great that he answers your prayers, but he is silent toward me.  It is the Horned God that has showed me compassion and aide so that I can move forward and tell what I need to tell as a Daughter of the American Revolution and Mayflower.

Yes, I worship the earth.  Wicca is an earth based religion and doesn’t tell me I am in sin for liking and voting for the Green  Party, like the Catholic Church did in AZ.  The Republican Party is dead to me.  They only hang on because they make Catholics feel like it is a sin to vote Democrat or for any party that is pro abortion.  It is a very big voting issue within the Catholic Church.  I was forced to have an abortion so I used to have to sit through sermons of how I should be killed.  Not only because I am an evil witch, but because I murdered so therefore I must be murdered, was what the Pastor at my friends church said, the last time I went to church a month or so ago.  I am so done.

I don’t have to be a christian.  so what if I go to hell?  There has got to be a better life out there then this Right Wing Hell of Kansas in the United States of America?

Love the pipes.  Posted a recent interview by David Duke from March 2015.  it is about 36 minutes, but all and all a good interview.


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    chrisy58 Says:

    This is from last March. Good interview.

    He says he is thinking of running for office again. If he believes in his heart that it is something he must do, then I hope he will go for it. One must do their duty to whomever it is they serve.

    I am doing what I believe I must do in my heart.

    There are things we can agree on like the corruption of the United States Government. You claim it is the Jews and I think it is corporate America.

    As I told Bob, I will not support you in your vision or goals and so I must try and do what I must do to share my knowledge so that you can be stopped.

    Do you still believe the answer is to join with Muslims because you believe that the enemy of my enemy is my friend? False assumption.

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