Another sleepless night


Having problems with breathing and to hot.  I have to sit up as I can’t breath lying down.  Am beginning to think there are mold issues here as I am in a constant sinus infection.  Just want to find a doctor who is on top of things and seeks answers and not just treat the symptoms.

Now that I have a computer again, I can start doing my research.  Why am I not surprised that WN are blaming Jews for Isis?

Everything is the Jews are behind this plot, or this act of evil and violence.  How they are out to destroy your christian faith.  I have a question for you Christians, what about your own Christian History of violence towards others in the name of your God and Bible.  What about the hate preached by your side that is well documented.  Yet, your side is always claiming how everyone is out to destroy your Christian Religion and White Race.

We face big problems as human beings that if we don’t solve are much more destructive then problems that you in the Christian right and White Nationalists claim are the major issues facing us as mankind.  Climate Change is a big issue and effects every human being.  It gets hotter here, it rains less, and we have more tornado’s and stronger ones.  Our climate has changed here.

Another issue that effects all of us is making sure that every human being has access to good basic medical care.  There is no excuse that we have people on this planet who do not receive any or very little real medical care for themselves and their families.

We have hunger, and of course as the climate changes and less food is able to be grown in some areas the famine is only going to get worst.  Yet, whining about how Jews and others are out to destroy your Christian Faith seems more important to your side.

Christianity burned Witches and to this day tells those of us who are natural born Witches/Wicca that we need to die in the name of their God because the Bible says suffer not a witch to live.  Rebellion is the same as the sin of witchcraft as Jeff my ex liked to remind me a lot.  I guess I didn’t like being told because I was born a girl child, I had no rights.  That I was under the total control of my husband.  That the man had absolute control over his wife and children.  It was not a happy life.  I know I am just a selfish, evil, witch that is going to hell.

Yet, what about the pain and suffering that Christians have caused others in the name of their God and Bible.

For the first time in my life I can accept that I don’t have to be a Christian.  I don’t have to embrace a religion out of fear and not love for that faith.  Wicca is much more healing and uplifting then Christianity ever was for me.  I tried so hard to be a good Catholic/Christian.  I denied my Wicca side for many years.  Who says that one has to be a christian in the 21st century?  Who says I can’t explore different paths and choose the one that leads me to that spiritual place I need to be.


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