Got the computer back

Can’t download pictures. At least I have a computer and a keyboard that I can type onto my online journal the next step in my recovery.

One bad thing about being a natural born witch is that I have untapped energy that I have had to hold in and haven’t been taught to release and ground myself. This weekend is the time to work magick in getting rid of what needs to be gotten rid of in my life. I am ready to release the pent up energy of unsaid words and anger I feel towards those who have hurt me. I need to work out my feelings for Catholics and other Christians who have made me feel so small that I do not deserve anything good to happen to me.

When you are told you are stupid, need to be murdered because your sin is a sin mentioned in the Bible as punishable by death, you tend to rebel against that group of people. Everyone wants to know love, compassion and understanding. Who in their right mind, wants to know pain, suffering, harsh judgements and death threats?

Watched C span the other day and what happen in the House with the Trade Deal.

I hope that I can get all my health issues I am dealing with right now under control.


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