It is going to be another sleepless night because of the pain in my neck and left shoulder


I needed this quote tonight.  I just have to remember to keep going on. As I have always overcome what has been thrown at me with grace, strength, and patience, I need to remember that I will overcome this new stage of my healing through to a successful ending.  The end result is that I have finally made people see the truth.

Tomorrow I go to the doctor so I hope this is a real doctor that actually has knowledge and cares about the suffering of people and wants to ease their chronic physical pain because of valid medical reasons.  Why has it been so hard to find a doctor in KS that will actually read the MRI from Phoenix, AZ.  It is a start so they can  look at the past, with the hopes of finding what is going on now.

I am listening to United Pagan Radio.  They play some good Pagan music..


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