The Sound went out on the Lap Top I bought at a pawn shop so I have to take it back.


I hope they can fix it.  As I need a computer to continue my healing from PTSD.  It is only a short set back as I am a strong Celtic Warrior.

The Peacock is one of my totum  animals.  I have a  peacock feather that I got on my last visit to Ohio to see a friend.

I am half way through the darkness of my past.  We Brits were taught to keep a stiff upper lip and be a good soldier who does his duty first.  That will be way I have survived and make it into the light of an healthy mind, body, and spirit.

I saw a quote that fits how I feel inside.  The Earth is my church and nature is my religion.  That  is why I chose Wicca as a Spiritual path.  It is the one path that has brought healing and helped me to accept who I really am inside.  I don’t have to be White Nationalist or Christian.  It does not mean I am  evil because I choose another path then what I was born in to.

Bruce Jenner change his sex and the world accepts it, but when will they accept Wiccans and not be so scared of us that they still want to kill us in the name of their Christian God.  When will they accept homosexuals and not want to kill them because like Witchcraft it is a sin the bible says deserves death in the name of their God.

I worship the Green Man.  He is a horned God.  We don’t worship Satan and don’t believe in him.  Wicca is an earth based religion.  It is about love and balance.  Honoring who we are and not allow others to force you to do things against your will.

I believe my God and Goddess will make sure I have a working computer so I can get more of the poison out of my system so that I can become the girl I was I was born to be and accept my destiny.


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