I hope that it is a real doctor I see tomorrow, as there is something really wrong with the neck and left shoulder.


I got about 4 hours sleep because of the pain.  I am having to sit on an ice pack.  Hoping that this doctor I see tomorrow will be a real doctor. One who actually cares about people and the terrible pain they are in.  I need one doctor to at least look at my mri from AZ and then order a new one to see what has happen to this point to put me in such pain.  The pain is the worst I have felt in many years.

What happen that America has such  crappy medical system.  I wonder if I was in the UK if I would have been left to suffer for all this time, or they might get me into a real doctor who can find the problem and cure it, so I can move forward to achieve what I must achieve?

I have thirty days to to deal with this computer.  It might be Saturday after the Climate change meeting that I will have the time.  Tomorrow I don’t know how long it will take me.

I bought a card board poster and will do what I did in AZ to get rid of the anger from the childhood sexual abuse into getting rid of the anger toward Christians for how they treat Wiccans and Homosexuals in wanting to kill us in the name of their God and bible.  I don’t know about you, but I would rather be Wicca then christian.  The Earth is my church and nature my religion.  Not some Jesus who has no compassion for the abused and their prayers for help are unanswered.  The Green Man; my God has more compassion and love for me.  He is the God who hears my cries.

My heart goes out the the Dugger girls who have come forward. They are very brave to come out and talk about the sexual abuse in the christian right.  Children should not be allowed to have to suffer in the name of their parents god.



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