There is something really wrong with my neck and shoulder


I got my hair done today. I went back to my dark auburn hair.  When she was washing my hair out I was in so much pain.  I am in constant pain for months because I can’t find a good doctor here in KS.  The American medical system is worst then the British system.  I try a new doctor on Friday, I just hope he will at least look at my mri and get the insurance to approve another to see what has changed to cause this severe pain.

Have been making new friends, who live near me in the apt complex.  We are all three old Salina families.  Went for ribs tonight.  I am working on eating less meat, but giving up good bbq ribs is the hardest meat to give up.  I am hoping to go to Memphis around Labor day as I want to see Graceland and I hear they have good BBQ.

A wish come true would be that c-span will bring live during the night in America and day in the UK the House of Commons.  British Politics is so much more interesting to me then American.  Of course I have good reason to distrust Americans.  Have always gotten along better with my fellow Brits.

Now I am home for the night.


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