My thoughts this morning


I love this quote.  It speaks how I feel in my heart.  Yes, the truth can never be shut out forever.  The truth always comes out and we reap three fold what we sow.  That is part of the Wicca Faith.

I am beginning the first step of dealing with the next part of my Journey to a healthy mind,body and spirit.  What I learned in AZ in my therapy, I am continuing on with dealing with my anger toward the CatholicChurch and Christian Church at the way I was treated in the name of their God and by people who proclaim they are devout Catholics and Christians.  Wicca is the first Religion that is slowing healing me.  It was my Wiccan/Pagan friends in AZ that helped me heal and not harshly judge me as evil.

There are still Witch hunts going on in this nation and around the World.  Why?

Thank you C-Span for showing the Live tribute to Charles Kennedy who died yesterday.  My thoughts go out to his family.  He was from the Scottish Highlands and was a brave Scottish Warrior who fought for what he believed in.  He stood up and was willing to fight the fight that needs to be fought.  The People need a real voice in Government who is honest, passionate, wise, and values truth and Justice.

Here is an example of why I admire and respect British Political Leaders of all Parties over American Political Leaders.  It is because of my personal experience with both Republican and Democrat Political Parties, that are the two parties of
America.  This is why I like the British System better.  The people have more of a voice in Government then a two party Political System.

I was thinking this morning about my childhood hero and a comment he once made in a dvd I own.  He was touring a very poor section of New York with someone who grew up there.  He said if I grew up here I would be a criminal or a Revolutionary.  I became a Revolutionary.  It is a good thing to have passion for wanting truth and justice to be shown to the PEOPLE.  Charles Kennedy was a Revolutionary too.  Let those of us, who want to stand up against those who would deny PEOPLE their RIGHTS and FIGHT for EQUALITY FOR ALL.

Charles Kennedy was a Great Scot and Brit.  He will be missed.  His son will be very proud of his dad someday   Rest in Peace.

I hope to see a lot of coverage of the House of Commons.  I need my British Political Fix.  Lol.

I am getting ready to eat my breakfast and my morning tea.  I will write later.

Oh before I go, I did see the son of an old friend, for the first time in Congress.  I have my thoughts of how he can improve.  I had hoped for better, but sadly he reminded me of his dad.  I only saw 10 minutes of him so it is just an first impression.  I hope to see more of him, to see if he inherited more of his mother then father.

Though in America one seems judged based upon the actions of their parents.  I was judged on my mother.  Derek Black as a kid was harshly judged for his father.  April’s daughters were harshly judged on their mother.  The baby was even threatened by so called Progressives.

Maybe I was a fool to think hope that America would understand that White Nationalism is not based on gentics but on being taught their message.  There are many children of WN who end up not being WN like their parents.

Maybe this is the only way for my old friend to see the truth of the big Political blunder he made in NOT talking to me about Southern Issues.  Don’t worry, You have the money and power behind you and I have the Truth.  I am sure you will go far and achieve all you achieve based on family name.

Charles Kennedy was a real Political Leader who care and had compassion for the PEOPLE WHO ARE SUFFERING.  Unlike the American Congress who says IT ISN’T MY PROBLEM, WITHOUT ASKING ONE QUESTION.

I TRIED to do this in private face to face.  I need to get the poison out of my system that was put there by your FATHER AND GREAT UNCLE.



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