The Tower Card, lol


I really like this picture as it fits my life style right now. Living in motel 6 because I was forced to move from Tescott. Bedbugs!

Found a new place but can’t move in yet. I am going to give apt living one more chance.

Once I get settled I can get back to focusing on my plan to become a climate reality leader. I need volunteer experience so I want to work on that for the next year. I have believed in the work of the Land institute for years.

Plus I wants to loose another 25 pounds.

The tower card brings quick and sudden change. While it might hurt at the time, the lessons it teaches us help us to overcome and become better people and the best we can be. I always strive to overcome and hate to quit, lol.

Hope everyone has a great Samhain.

Kansas City is going to the World Series. Cool!


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    chrisy58 Says:

    Someday I will meet the right man who can love me as I am, as I will love him the way he is. There is still life in me!, lol

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