Been doing some soul searching


Got the letter and the year’s booklet and am getting excited about DAR starting up for the new year of 2014-2015. I need to get back on track and not continue to be Distracted by Summer Fun!

Now it is put away the party me and get serious about being the best me and getting back to what I need to be focusing on. I have come so far and can’t allow myself to let myself give up all the progress I made.

I am a strong woman or I would not be where I am. I am always glad when Summer is over and Fall brings me back to reality and new goals in my life. We all need a little party time in our lives and that was Beltane and Summer.

I have and will continue on getting healthy. I am on my way to going meatless. I still eat dairy like eggs and cheese. I am trying Vegan food and see if it helps with my health issues. I know cutting out a lot of what I used to eat is making me feel better. I have just started to go more vegan just the past month, so I want to see where I am at 6 months from now.

People who are vegan say it is very healthy and the feel and look better then they did when they ate meat from factory farms.

My friends if they are real friends will understand that my Summer is over and party time is over for me. I have goals and work to continue in my fight against White Nationalism.

Off to a friend’s house to give her a reading.


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