Interesting Day


An opportunity has arisen I had not expected that I am thinking about. A chance to move to the Rockies has come. My friend M and I have a chance to move with friends from here, who are moving back to be near family. It is worth thinking about.

CO may be more friendly to people like me who tend to be different from the Catholic/Christian mold. I might actually meet a man who has an open mind about things and not just repeat what Glenn Beck or Rush has said on the radio and other media outlets.

KS doesn’t have a Green Party like we did in AZ. At this point, my healing is the most important thing to me. People don’t realize how much work goes into starting a whole new Political Party. I want to be active in the election, and CO may already have a Green Party that I can join and help them gain Political power as a reasonable Party offering solutions to the crisis facing us because of climate change, etc.

Don’t think I will have the funds for the Witches Ball this year. Maybe next year M and I will be in a better place money wise and we can take fun trips together and have adventures in life. We like adventure. Maybe we can find one closer that will be great too. We want to have fun and enjoy life.

We are aiming for a birthday girls trip to Nashville. I have always wanted to go there and to Memphis. I like good jazz BBQ. March might be doable. M and T want to go, and we will talk A into going as she too likes adventure.

All will fall into place.


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