Red Flag!


Tonight I just need to write my feelings out in my journal, instead of stuffing them down with food. Went on Facebook tonight and on my newsfeed was a picture the guy I had the first date with a few weeks ago like that really offends me. It was Obama with a noose around his neck, with a words printed underneath saying, ” one can only hope “. Those who read my journal know Obama made this Daughter of the British Empire angry at him, but this crosses a line with me of sanity. That is another White Nationalist, Christian, Republican man. I don’t think so!

All my life people have said I was crazy for not believing as they do. Yet I am not the one who holds hate in my heart toward others. I am not the one who doesn’t have an open mind or doesn’t judge people without talking to them first. Yet I am the one deemed crazy by them?

I am very homesick for Boston and am hoping and dreaming of going to the Witches Ball in Salem on Oct 31 this year. I love Salem on Samhain/Halloween and I need to go home for the final phase of my treatment.

I like New England guys better because there is less ” crazy ” talk and just enjoying the moment. Life is to short to hate.

Since we are Facebook friends he will see my Green Party stuff so he might unfriendly me at some point.

Sweet dreams

Oh, I have now lost 35 pounds. I want to have lost 50 pounds before going to Boston with Myrna and her daughter, and put flowers on my dad’s grave. It is coming to peace with my past. I remember one really great Halloween in Marshfield. I can’t think of a better place and time to come out of the Wicca closet.


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    chrisy58 Says:

    I am alway planing and designing my costume. This gets me in the mood. I love Fall in MA.

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