My heart wants to help someone


Got a call last night from a friend who has medical issues and has no insurance and is in between jobs so I said if it isn’t to expensive I would help out so she can get treatment. I am on a limited budget and I have no insurance as KS didn’t expand to allow people like me any help. Great Government we have, who lacks any compassion for the people.

I am working through and releasing all the emotional wounds. A deep one has come out of feeling invisible, no one wanting to hear what I have to say, so why speak, and no one cared enough in Marshfield to help me, by giving me a safe place to hide and heal. I thought I had true friends in Marshfield only to find they didn’t give a damn about abused women and children trapped in White Nationalist HELL!

Why should I ever trust Democrats or Republicans ever again?

I am moving forward with the help of Wicca. Finally am free to develop my Wiccan side. Wicca is more accepted in the UK, I think more British than American, and I like British men, so I have not given up my dream of getting my British Passport, that I have had since 1972 under Nixon.

I asked my Goddess the Morrigan to bring much needed resources to my fight against White Nationalism. When you have no resources you can’t do anything to help yourself or others. I can offer support in other areas,but providing the resources needed in the fight must come from a brave man who has the courage to fight the bad guys and brave enough to get involved.all my life people have known the truth but done nothing because they didn’t want to be involved in a fight. Put yourselves in my shoes, how would you feel if you were telling the truth and had the courage to come forward and talk, and you are left alone in your jail and instead of aiding in your gaining freedom, they take the side if not in an active way, but by doing nothing and allowing other to abuse, kept me from success.

My carrot is to be able to go to the Witches ball this year and feel really beautiful again. I want to buy a new gown for the ball.

I have made so much improvement in getting in touch with my emotions. When I started therapy in AZ I didn’t allow myself to feel, now as they come up I am finally able to put a words my feeling and release it by writing it down on my online journal and exercise. When I do start to eat I find out what I am feeling and accept it and release it.

Fate will set things right. The right guy for me will come into my life and he will want to help this lady in distress.



  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:

    When you are told you have no rights and no one gives a damn, so they leave you to your fate of abuse in White Nationalist hell. Marshfield is a trigger for emotional outbursts. I am allowing myself to feel the pain and finally accept that those I thought were true friends who really wanted good for me, were in fact on the side of my enemy. You are in a WARZONE and you think you have a friend in the fight against White Nationalism, you find that instead of joining forces and fighting the common enemy, you find he is on the side of your enemy, because he allowed your enemy to abuse you and lie about you, so no one would believe you were telling the truth.

    This writing on the journal seems more healthy then eating.

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    In a 60’s mood. I remember how much hope we had in the future of this country, only to have it taken away in one second. Do the moral imperatives we were taught as youth in the 60’s even exist today. Have they been destroyed?

    I keep on fighting against WN hoping that I will find the right knight to fight along side of me. Do knights who protect ladies from harm even exist in the modern world. Maybe WN are right an Progressive men do not protect and defend women like me. What if I was wrong to take the chance in trusting and befriending a Democrat?

  3. 3
    chrisy58 Says:

    Life isn’t always easy, and you do what you have to, to survive.

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