An article about Flora MacDonald


Those of you who know me know I am proud of my MacDonald bloodline. Flora’s courage gave me the inspiration to do my duty, even though I knew I would face hardship.

I know that I admire her so much for being loyal and true toward her Prince. Flora did her duty and never betrayed him.

I think of my prince, lol. I look at him now and I see a man in a rut. What would inspire him to do more with his life? I am not pointing fingers, because I have not done much with my life either.. The sad thing is that if we worked together and joined forces, we could fight against White Nationalists and win. There would be no stopping us!

I am tired of being in a rut and watching others achieve, while I give up and just settle. For me, I am determined that I am going to start moving forward. Loosing weight, facing my shadows and fears, find a way to be active in the political realm, and fight for truth, justice, honor, and the moral imperatives I was taught as a youth in the 60’s. There is still so much hate, injustice, corruption in our Government. I don’t want to reach the end of my life and feel that both of us failed in the destiny we were born for.

We all have a destiny.

Maybe the United States Government is to far gone? Maybe it is to late for us to even try and set things right? I hope not!


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