4th of July is almost here


I am posting a picture of George Washington. It is with sadness that I have come to the conclusion that there are no modern day George Washington’s in Government today who have the courage needed to fight against White Nationalism. He was honest too.

Our system of Government is busted. It is no longer like we were taught in the 60’s or as I heard on the Thom Hartmann show like school house rock. They don’t listen to the people anymore or care about the true condition of this nation and our daily struggles.

I believe in duty, so will always put duty first, second, and third in my life. Sometimes I fear I have lost my faith in the Government and both Dems and the GOP. They both lie and are corrupted and ignore the requests of people who only seek to do the right thing and need help in finding the right people to talk to and actually care. It was not easy to seek to do the right thing in deciding that a so called friend needed to hear what was going on.. I am not sorry I tried to get help in the fight and bring much needed resources, even though it meant failure.

Tomorrow is my friend Anne’s birthday so I want to wish you a very special day. Love you!

You are a true friends and always have been. I am finally starting to see the toxic people as they really are and moving forward without them. Just today one made herself very clear and after calling me at 1 am and I told her I was sleeping and unless it was an emergency I was hanging up, wrote me a text saying I was very rude and I was never to talk to her so rude again and it was my fault that I was woken up by her call as I didn’t put my phone on mute. That is crap!

First I saw the name of a friend and didn’t know if it was an emergency, so I answered.

I need to stay on track and this person hinders me from getting to where I need to be. I am healing my body, mind, and spirit. I don’t need people who are toxic and try to hold me back in drama, drama, drama.

If she had not written the angry email toward me when she was the one who called me in the middle of the night. I was not mad or spoke in anger. I just said is it an emergency.


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