It is raining


Just starting the day drinking green tea and doing a little exercise before doing my meditation to get me in a good positive mind.

Have several options to do today. Might even have a date with a new guy I just met. We will see. I am open to receive love in my life. We will see. One potential problem I see is that he is Christian and I am Wiccan. Most Christians think Wicca is of the devil and I am going to hell. We haven’t talked about religion yet. We haven’t talked politics yet either and if he is Christian Right, and I am more Green Party, if I had to pick a Political Party in America that I will help, support, and vote for.

Are there any Wiccan men who like the Green Party too in KS I can meet and see if there is a love connection.

Whatever happens, I am taking the step to move forward and dating is a part of that as it will help bring me out of my turtle shell and hopefully help me to talk to people better. One thing I have noticed is sometimes I can’t pronounce a word, even though I know the word in my mind. Or the word comes out wrong and people laugh at me for how the word came out. I hate that. I try to read out loud to myself to see if that helps, but when I can’t seem to speak a word I know, in frustration, I just skip the word. So going on dates and having conversations with people instead of writing my thought, might help me do better in my speaking.

Hope everyone has a good day.



  1. 1
    chrisy58 Says:

    Love this song. I love living in the country close to nature.

  2. 2
    chrisy58 Says:

    I like this song.

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